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All Donations are kept confidential. DFW Devil Dogs never shares your information. You may change or cancel your desired donation amount at anytime. All recurring donors will be emailed an invoice every month and you will be required to complete the transaction on your end or to set up autopay.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support of our efforts to help the DFW veteran community.

The Legacy Fund is a perpetual fund that is designed to offer ongoing assistance, specifically to the surviving family members of our Marine's that have left us too soon.

Donations to the Legacy Fund will be utilized to continue to demonstrate to the families of our departed brothers and sisters that they are not in this alone, that we will stand with them, and for them if need be, indefinitely.

With your help, long after the services are over and life has carried on, we will still be here for our families.

We strive to be the example of

Semper Fidelis!

The DFW Devil Dogs Relief Fund is in place to support needs of local Marines and FMF Corpsman and all local veterans as our budget allows. All money's generated are used to support local Marines, FMF Corpsman, (and all veterans as our budget allows) with immediate relief during times of crisis, such as shelter, food, clothes, and other necessities. We strive to provide education and support in the effort to prevent and eliminate suicide. We utilize an established infrastructure of local Marines and business owners to help Marines return to the workforce. We also strive to maintain the camaraderie we had as Marines. Thank you for your support, Semper Fi!

Donating to the DFW Devil Dog Event Fund directly contributes to the success of charitable events that the group is involved with, as well as events that are designed to reinvigorate the members sense of Espirit de Corps. All events have individual donation options. We appreciate your contributions in our efforts to continue to serve our Marines and our community.

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