DFW Devil Dogs is a domestic non profit in the state of Texas, National 501c3, registered under the name DDN-MSM. One of the many sources of pride within our organization is that we are a completely volunteer non profit. Our board members volunteer and none of the funds donated or generated are wasted on salaries and stipends. Every penny that comes to the organization, stays in the organization to support local Marines, FMF Corpsman, and all veterans as our budget allows, as well as the group and community events we participate in.

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Board of Directors

DFW Devil Dogs was originally created as a Facebook group to help bring together local Marines and FMF Corpsman. When our numbers grew to over 250 local Marines and FMF Corpsman(currently over 3,000), we started to see that there was a lot of interest in helping those fellow Marines and FMF Corpsman that were struggling for one reason or another. As our numbers grew, so did our ability to help one another. The decision was made to organize and form a nonprofit with the sole intent of providing relief and support to local Marines and FMF Corpsman (and all Veterans, as our budget allows) that had suffered some form of catastrophe. The group strongly supports prevention education and all efforts to intervene and stop an individual from harming themselves. DFW Devil Dogs has developed an extensive network of employers who we partner with to help veterans who are searching for employment.

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